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'Directors Geoffrey and Linda Post best exemplify the attitude, skills, ingenuity and commitment needed to help shape the future crafts field - people to whom we can look to help guide us through the next phase of the craft evolution.'
    -- Crafts Report, '10 People To Watch in American Craft'

'Thanks so much for such a great weekend... Your shows are so easy and so successful and well run!'
     --from Exhibitor Survey

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You can apply to both Spring 2015 shows with one application.
(Application filename: showappsprg15.pdf - 40k)

Herzenberg Wearable Art about Paradise City Marlborough
  march 20, 21 & 22, 2015
     show overview, booth info

'Paradise City Marlborough is an elegant, well-attended show with strong high end purchases across all media categories. The show attracts collectors...' read more

Greenheck Pitcher about Paradise City Northampton
  may 23, 24 & 25, 2015
     memorial day weekend
     show overview, booth info

'The Paradise City Arts Festival is New England's most exciting and prestigious show of fine and functional art. Taking place during the busy holiday weekend, this event attracts strong attendance, an educated clientele...' read more

eligibility and guidelines

All Paradise City shows are juried. Five images of your work are required. All other submission details are included in the show application.

• Submissions in both craft and fine art will be judged on the basis of design, technical skill, originality, diversity and imagination.

• All work must be entirely handmade and the original design of the artist. Participants must exhibit the type and quality of work shown in their slides. Not acceptable are items embellished or made from commercially available kits, plans, or patterns; imports; factory-made or assembled items; mechanical reproductions or offset prints.

If you plan to show any jewelry in your booth, you must include a representative number of images in your slide presentation, or a separate application for jewelry.

about our jury process

At Paradise City, we are interested in an artist's body of work, not just the five images you submit. Our curatorial process does not allow for the 'quick pick' method that often comes with flashing five images on the screen every thirty seconds and quickly scoring the presentation. If the jury is unfamiliar with your work, we will often visit your website or Google you in an effort to place your five images in a broader context. We make every effort to understand as much as we can about you and your work. While it is very important to submit clear, representative images, ultimately we are not judging the slickness of your photography.

The show jury process can be intimidating for many artists. We know it's hard to put your work out there. Our jurying can take up to two weeks, instead of the day or two that is often allotted. We think it is worth the effort. It is why our shows stay fresh and exciting, and why Paradise City engenders such loyalty in its patrons.

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