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Work by Eva Camacho-Sanchez
Nuno Scarf
50 x 10", $125

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Paradise City artist showcase: wearable fiber

stylish felted clothing and bags

Eva Camacho-Sanchez
Lana Handmade

Northampton, MA

phone: 202.270.0657

Work by Eva Camacho-Sanchez
Nuno Felted Bag
11 x 10.5", handle 66"

Eva Camacho-Sanchez is a fiber artist who creates nuno felt by combining fine silk and the finest merino wool.

Traditionally, felt is created by using water, soap, wool and agitation. Felting takes time, physical labor and patience. She usually starts by hand-dyeing the wool (with natural dyes she has created herself from plant matter), which is then felted together with fine silk.

To create patterns on the silk, Camacho-Sanchez uses techniques such as free motion embroidery, hand-stitching, beading and printing. Her work is the result of a fusion of the ancient art form of feltmaking with modern techniques to create new and elegant styles.

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New England Felting Supply

price range: $40 to $300

no wholesale orders accepted
yes custom orders accepted
yes credit cards accepted
yes rush delivery possible
no gift wrapping available
yes studio open to public

All prices in US dollars. The pieces shown are representative of the artist's work. Contact the artist directly for availability and purchasing details for the work shown.

Work by Eva Camacho-Sanchez
Nuno Felted Bag
13.5 x 13", $200

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