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Work by Sarah Green
A-Line Wrap Skirt
S/M, M/L, $118

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Paradise City artist showcase: wearable fiber

sustainably made
women's fashion

Sarah Green
Mountain Ash Design

PO Box 163
East Corinth, VT 05040

phone: 802.377.3525

Work by Sarah Green
A-Line Wrap Skirts for Women and Children
$52 - $118

Easy-to-wear Wrap Skirts for Women, Children and Teens

Sarah Green This creative endeavor is my opportunity to combine my penchant for vintage-inspired fashion with my obsession with practicality. My work also manifests the inspiration I get from the early 20th century quilt-work of my maternal grandmother, who was able to combine disparate bits of fabric in beautiful and dynamic ways.

The unique combinations of vintage, recycled and new designer fabrics that I use create the element of the unexpected. An individual personality is expressed in each finished piece; from playful to sweetly nostagic to sophisticated elegance.

Infinitely 'wearable' in a variety of everyday settings, including the professional sphere, skirts come in adjustable sizes from 0-18, and are flattering for a wide range of ages and body types. All are one-of-a-kind and limited edition.

exhibitor website:

see my work in these galleries:

Artisan's Gallery • Waitsfield, VT
Frog Hollow Vermont State Craft Center • Burlington, VT
Revolution • White River Junction, VT

price range: $52 to $118

no wholesale orders accepted
yes custom orders accepted
yes credit cards accepted
yes rush delivery possible
yes gift wrapping available
yes studio open to public

All prices in US dollars. The pieces shown are representative of the artist's work. Contact the artist directly for availability and purchasing details for the work shown.

Work by Sarah Green
Short Wrap Skirt
Multi-size, $98

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