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Paradise City Marlbrough: March marlborough, massachusetts
march 22, 23 & 24, 2013

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Robert Alan Hyde
Washington, MA

Welded Sculpture

This astonishing 'Lynx' by sculptor Robert Alan Hyde is made entirely of brass, steel and copper rods, individually fashioned with an oxygen and acetylene welding torch. Hyde slowly wraps the metal into an intricately layered skeletal and muscular armature until it attains a lifelike form. His sculpture has grace and a 'fantasy' feel, yet is powerful, with refined realism. Singer/collector Arlo Guthrie calls Hyde 'a living master. His work is amazingly captivating and awe-inspiring.'

After many years living out West, Hyde moved to the Berkshires, where he works out of a studio on the edge of October Mountain Forest. He draws inspiration both from the West’s Native American culture and the forests and wildlife of New England.

Pictured: 'Lynx', brass, bronze and steel

Dimensions: 18 x 10 x 29"

Robert Alan Hyde: sculpture

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